Things to consider for Security Testing for HackProof Code


Solidity Recommendations for Secure Solidity Coding:

Protocol specific recommendations

The following recommendations apply to the development of any contract system on Ethereum.

External Calls

Use caution when making external calls

Calls to untrusted contracts can introduce several unexpected risks or errors. External calls may execute malicious code in that contract or any other contract that it depends upon. As such, every external call should be treated as a potential security risk. When it is not possible, or undesirable to remove external calls, use the recommendations in the rest of this section to minimize the danger.

Mark untrusted contracts

When interacting with external contracts, name your variables, methods, and contract interfaces in a way that makes it clear that interacting with them is potentially unsafe. This applies to your own functions that call external contracts.



Be aware of the tradeoffs between send()transfer(), and call.value()()

Handle errors in external calls

Favor pull over push for external calls


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